The Program

TEKTOS will take your company to the next level and beyond.

The TEKTOS Program

TEKTOS is a flexible environment. Startups at any stage can benefit from working at TEKTOS. Here are the different stages of development that businesses can expect at TEKTOS.

  • Stage 0 : Selection

    We want to hear about your innovative ideas. Here are the steps to showing us your what you’ve got:

    1) Fill out an official TEKTOS form and upload a 1 minute business pitch HERE

    2) We will be in contact with you to discuss moving forward.

    3) If you’re selected, we will bring you around the offices to get you involved in life at TEKTOS

  • Stage 1 : Get Started & Sell

    This stage will get you on a running start. We take you forward from intensive training, to coaching, to clients and sales. We begin new promotions 2X per year at both TEKTOS Paris and TEKTOS Calais.

    Our objective : Finalize and validate your business model, followed by customer acquisition and the legal launch of your company.

  • Stage 2 : Deliver & Value

    By now, you’re a legal company with customers and revenue. This step will help you grow your client base and sales. Your company is now out of it’s infancy, and it will be further proving it’s value during this step. From building your clients base to raising significant amounts of funds to expand your operations to the next level.

  • Stage 3 : Expand & Next Level

    Your company is running at full speed. We will focus on expanding at all levels of the business. This includes growing your exports, heavily investing in marketing and teams to raise the value of your company. We will finish together – whether you decide to exit, continue to sell, enter stock markets, and more.