Everything you need to know to get started.
How can TEKTOS help me raise funds?

First and foremost, we will never push you to raise money too quickly. That is to say, we will encourage you to hold onto as much of your capital as possible during your critical creation phase. We focus on adding value to your business first and foremost. After this step, we have contacts with partners who are interested in investing in our startups, both in Paris and in regions. This fundraising is available at all levels, from early stages to advanced stage investment.

What Perks does TEKTOS offer?

Being a part of TEKTOS means you are given access to many advantagious perks, including:

  • Office space to fit your business’s needs
  • Fully furnished kitchen
  • Board rooms and meeting rooms
  • All necessary services like good internet connections, excellent printers and scanners, etc.
  • An intense 6 month training program to accelerate your start-up
  • Experienced staff of mentors to guide you
  • Back-office help
  • Accounting help
  • Reccomendations for partners who can provide legal advice
  • Cloud hosting provided through our partner, Microsoft BizSpark
  • Numerous demo days with partners that can invest, buy your products or provide connections
  • Totally flexible – engagements are on a monthly basis
  • and many other advantages…
Do I have to be on-site for the accelerator?

Simply, yes.

We believe that in order to assure you the best chance of success, you need to be on site for acceleration. In this way, you can have maximum exposure to the startup environment, as well as benefit from one on one coaching.