L'Accélérateur SNCF pour le réseau ferroviaire par TEKTOS

Tektos has partnered with SNCF Reseau (infrastructure) to create a dedicated acceleration session for companies which can help solve problems in their daily operations. This does not mean the focus will be on trains. SNCF, like all large industrial groups, has a vast amount of processes, data capture systems and notification systems which would benefit from additional analysis. The type of analysis which is often created in startups.

If someone has an industrial idea to create a more efficient transfer of energy – we are all for it. However, we are hoping to find data scientists, open data specialists, data analysis companies, computer scientists, machine learning companies and, among others, industrial engineers.

SNCF Reseau creates an avalanche of data each day. There are 15, 000 variables measured daily in just the Gare du Nord station in Paris. Multiply that by the number of major stations throughout France, then add the smaller stations, and you have an extreme amount of data.

Some of this data is well understood and creates urgent warnings which require immediate corrective action. Much of this data contains more subtle patterns and needs a data scientist to find the patterns which, for example, indicate an equipment failure in the near future. The repair team would like to schedule preventative maintenance rather than react to an equipment failure.

Through this accelerator partnership, SNCF is looking for companies to solve problems and become a supplier. At Tektos, we will select companies which have the capabilities to solve one of the problems at SNCF. Both SNCF and Tektos will work with the startups to create a product which solves the problem and leads to a purchase by SNCF from the startup. You leave the accelerator with a client.

We, at Tektos, will also work with you to generalize your product to work with other industries.

The majority of the data is in the software OSIsoft. There is a well-defined API in OSIsoft to access data to include in your analytics or product. Further, OSIsoft (www.osisoft.com) is a very popular package and is in use throughout the world. Your work with SNCF can be reused in another domain.

For a startup, one of the most difficult tasks is client development: Am I building something clients want to buy? Answer that question correctly and you build a client base and generate cash. Answer incorrectly and you burn cash and waste your time.

In this instance there are teams within SNCF with real requests for products – the answer to the client development question is a “YES”. Your risk is greatly reduced.

The focus on client development is the reason Tektos companies have had 2.9M Euros in sales last year and raised 3.9M Euros of outside capital. Our partnership with SNCF is a way for you to generate sales with a large reference client in an extremely short period of time.

If your company or startup idea is working on NFC, barcodes, data analysis, real time analytics, machine learning or anything associated with data or industrial processes contact me john.lewis@tektos.co to discuss your idea. We will run a workshop in two weeks to help you decide if this is a good fit for you. Contact Tektos at contact@tektos.co if you want to attend the workshop.