International Arduino Day 2015 – Tektos Paris


Last year we participated in the International Arduino Day at our Calais office. This year we will hold two events! One in the Fablab in Calais and the other in our startup accelerator in Paris.

You can sign up at

Last year we had a mix of students from Lycée (High School), University (undergraduate and Masters) and experimenters far out of school.

You do not need to have any knowledge of Arduino. We have people who can show you how to get started and work with you on your first project with Arduino.

We plan to have the same mix this year. We have held several Arduino training sessions for Lycée students and we hope to have many of the students from the Balzac Computer Club attend. We will also have several startups who are using Arduinos in their products.

We will focus on Arduino – but it is OK to talk about Rasberry PI or your other favorite open source hardware. We want to keep things very fluid and open. We have a basic agenda with plenty of time to demonstrate things you have built, learn new techniques and meet makers.

If you have an Arduino, bring it along. Otherwise, we have several Arduinos, spark cores, Arduino clones components, wires and breadboards to experiment and get hands on experience.

The current Agenda is as follows:

10AM : Welcome to Tektos with coffee, croissants etc.
10:30 : Introduction – John Lewis, President Tektos
10:45 : Demonstration of some projects created with Arduino – James Galt from Meludia, + others
11:15 : Demonstration of advanced techniques –
11:45 : Open Mike – get up there and let us know what you have created or what you want to create
12:30 : Lunch (pizza – provided)
13:30 to 17:00 Workshops – Spend time with one of our experts to learn new techniques or form a group to create something
18:00 : Show and Tell – Show everyone what you did in the afternoon.
19:00 : End of the day

Please let us know if there are particular topics you would like covered or if you can hold a workshop

Send e-mail to if you have questions or comments.