Funding for Tektos + SNCF Accelerator

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This is some new information about an interesting opportunity we have with SNCF and Tektos.

SNCF is looking to work with innovative startups.

SNCF infrastructure generate an enormous amount of data from sensors in the stations, on the rails, in equipment, tracking passengers, etc. They need help dealing with the data from the sensors. Just in Gare du Nord, there are 15 000 sensors sending data 24/7.

The data is stored in an industry standard package called OSIsoft. There are years of data and events. This is clearly a big data, data mining and data analysis problem. The solution for SNCF can also be used with other large industrials who use OSIsoft.

We are looking for startups (already formed, thinking of forming, individual entrepreneurs, etc) to respond to a request to solve the problem. The details are at and a blog post with some more information is at

There are some nice incentives: Companies selected will receive 5 000 Euros at the start of the program, enter the Tektos Accelerator for 6 months and work with SNCF as their first client. The companies selected have a built-in customer with SNCF who will PAY for the product – a client and money.

We are looking for entrepreneurs who can handle large quantities of data. Either make some sense of the data, find a way to interact with a very good interface, help sort false alerts, show causal links – just about any big data problem. The advantage to the entrepreneurs is the ability to work closely with the first client in a cooperative manner. You do not need all the answers – you work on finding them with your client. This is a true collaborative effort.

We would be very pleased to talk over your idea and help you decide if this is a good opportunity for you. Contact us at to discuss further. Applications close on 30 June 2015. Contact us and we can give you quick feedback on your idea.