10 tools that will help you manage and grow your startup without wasting time and breaking the bank

10 tools that will help you manage and grow your startup without wasting time and breaking the bank

Do you have a great startup idea? Did you validate the problem you’re trying to solve? Did you build your MVP and validate your solution? Are you ready to start scaling up but need simple and inexpensive tools for managing growth? Do you want to go beyond Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Unbounce, Launchrock and Dropbox, but not too much?

These 10 cheap and easy to use tools are everything you need to start growing and managing your digital startup today! Of course, this list can vary according to the type of business you run, but in our view these 10 tools are pretty agnostic and will work really well for early stage internet based companies.

In a previous post, we analyzed what’s behind the Growth Hacking mindset. Today we’ll talk about 4 apps that will’ll help you creating tactics for promoting your products and services.

  1. Pixabay: Lacking images for your website, marketing campaigns and sales pitch? Pixabay has over 600.000 high quality royalty-free images, vector graphics and illustrations organized by topic.
  2. Canva: Found your images, but still need to create cool posters, flyers, Instagram posts, Facebook covers, invitations and pitch presentations without hiring a professional designer? Canva is a web app that helps you create beautiful design for Web or print in a simple and cheap way. The platform offers thousands of templates and images that can be used for free or U$1.
  3. Crowdfireapp: Want to give a boost to your Instagram and Twitter audiences? With Crowdfire you can start following (or copy) your competitor’s followers and start promoting your company to the right target. Normally, if you are targeting the right audience, a 1/3 follower – following ration is a good one, so if you want to acquire 100 new followers, follow 300 of your competitor’s followers.
  4. Hashtagify: Want to spread the word about your products and services? Use Hashtagify to find new hashtags and amplify the reach of your Twitter campaigns.

Once you start to get some traction from your marketing campaigns, you’ll want to gather as much feedback as possible in order to improve your product. These 4 tools will help you collecting feedbacks, analyzing the performance of your website and developing product features.

  1. Dareboost: Do you want to have a deep knowledge of your website’s performance? With Dareboost you can perform an insightful diagnosis and download a detailed report of your website’s quality.
  2. Hotjar: Do you want to see your users in action? Hotjar is a all-in-one service that allows you to understand your web and mobile site visitors. It offers heat maps that visually represent your visitors’ clicks, recordings that show visitor’s clicks, taps, mouse movements. It also offers tools for analyzing conversion funnels, feedback polls, surveys and for recruiting user testers. 
  3. Typeform: Do you want to create surveys to know how your users would react to a new feature or to know what they think about your current product? Typeform is a user-friendly and engaging cloud-based application that allows users to users to create and respond to surveys and other types of forms on any device.
  4. Upwork: Need a hand developing product features? With Upwork, you can hire freelance designers, developers, sales & marketing experts and many other professionals you might find useful for improving your product.

So you’re getting a lot of traction, your team and the number of project you launch are growing at a fast pace. These two tools will help you keeping control of your growth actions and efficiently manage your projects:

  1. Asana: Do you want to keep track of your team’s work and projects? Founded by Facebook’s co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, Asana is a user-friendly project management tool that allows you to track projects from start to finish with tasks, conversations and dashboards.

  2. Slack: Want to escape from the email clutter that keeps you and your team from getting things done? Slack is a messaging app that allows you to communicate with your teams using conversations, channels and direct messages. With all tools in one place, Slack also avoids all that constant switching between apps.

We’re always looking for new ways to help our startups manage their growing businesses, so please let us know what cheap and simple tools you use for boosting startup performance .